R' Michel Lefkowitz zt"l
R' Nisim Karelitz
R' Chaim Kanievsky
R' Malkiel Kotler
R' A.L. Shteinman
R' Shmuel Vosner

To Our Dear Brethern,
It is well known to the public at large, the worthiness of the institution Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund. Their goal is to assist our brethren who are struggling with the horrific illness, may Hashem protect us. They offer assistance to those afflicted and their families. They do charitable acts by offering monetary assistance and supplying families in times of great need with emotional and physical encouragement with much warmth and brotherliness. We laud them and encourage them in their holy work.

As they untiringly are busy with acts of chesed, they arouse Hashem's chesed in the world. Surely, those who support them will merit Hashem's chesed upon themselves. Surely, the support one gives to Zichron Shlome will only enrich the lives of the givers, materialistically and spiritually.

We Endorse this organization and consider it a Mitzvah to support them.

R' Lefkowitz
Rabbi Michel Lefkowitz zt"l
R' Karelitz
Rabbi Nisim Karelitz
R' Kanievsky
Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky
R' Kotler
Rabbi Malkiel Kotler
R' Shteinman
Rabbi Aryeh Leib Shteinman
R' Vosner
Rabbi Shmuel Vosner

Rebetzin Batsheva Kanievsky A"H

13 Adar 1, 5771

To the Dear Women of Zichron Shlome,
I do not have enough words to praise you for all the good and chesed that you do for the families with children who have this disease.

Yehi Ratzon, it should be Hashem’s will to send a Refuah Shelaimah to all the Cholei Yisroel, and that you should merit to always be happy and healthy and see much nachas from all your dear children, with Simcha.

Bracha VeHatlocha,
Tizku L’Mitzvos,
B. Kanievsky

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Rabbi Dovid

Hashem is called a faithful and merciful doctor. Those who assist patients and their families, when illness strikes, are called the “Doctor’s” personal assistants.  The Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund with its manifold acts of chesed is an organization of shlichim that have been sent by the Ribono Shel Olam to this world to ease the plight, to provide light and comfort, and to wipe away the tears of “yiddishe kinderlach.” 

I stand in awe of their work.  It is obvious that they deserve our utmost support.

Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser
Rov of Khal Bais Yitzchok

Rabbi Paysach

Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund is a caring and compassionate organization. They have helped families in the most trying times with dignity and sensitivity. I am honored to endorse the Ziegler family’s great work and I encourage all to participate in funding Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund.

Rabbi Paysach Krohn

Rabbi Moshe Meir

A friend in need is a friend indeed. That's exactly what the awesome organization Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund is to hundreds of families suffering from Cancer and other terrible diseases. Supporting this wonderful organization is the very best insurance to keep sickness away from our homes. I personally can testify to the integrity, incredible love, and devotion that Zichron Shlome provides countless patients on a daily basis.

Rabbi Moshe Meir Weiss
Rov Agudas Yisroel of Staten Island


Hirshaut, M. D.

When cancer invades a home, the psychological consequences are devastating. I have witnessed time and again how Zichron Shlome has relieved the financial pressure of the patient with an unusual sensitivity and generosity.

Yasher Hirshaut, M. D.
Attending Oncology Physician
Cornell Medical Center, Lenox Hill

Peter G.
Steinhertz, M.D.

As a physician who cares for children with cancer, I know the terrible impact the diagnoses and its treatment has on the patients and their families. Their burdens are enormous. They need all possible assistance to help them overcome their difficulties. Zichron Shlome Refuah Fund is a voluntary organization dedicated to helping families in areas that are often overlooked by others. They fill a great need. I urge everone to support their efforts in whatever way they can.

Peter G. Steinhertz, M.D.
Member & Attending Pediatrician
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Professor Pediatrics – Cornell University Medical College